Collection: Brown Bag Mystery 2024: Piece of Cake



The Brown Bag Mystery is one of our favorite activities of the year! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or you are new to the program, this double mystery from Karen Montgomery never disappoints. Be sure to watch our emails for more info as we get closer to the event! 

Here is how it works... 
1. Purchase a mystery bag. The bag includes all the fabric to make a 60x70 quilt top plus cutting instructions. If you want border fabric, we recommend that you purchase two and a half yards at the same time. 
2. Mid-February you can join the private Facebook group where Karen will post video tutorials and answer questions about the mystery quilt. 
3. On March 16th, the first clue will be mailed to you and there will be a helpful video posted to the Facebook group. You will receive another clue two weeks later and every two weeks after that, including May 11.

4. The grand reveal and final clue will take place on May 11th! 

While special tools are not required, Karen Montgomery will be teaching you how to use the Creative Grids 45/90 Ruler and Triangles on a Roll. You can order these items now or add them to your mystery bag order. 

Clues will be mailed on:
Clue 1: March 18
Clue 2: March 30
Clue 3: April 13
Clue 4: April 27
Clue 5: May 11